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About Us

Educating the mind without educating the heart

is no education at all.  -Aristotle

Gather & Grow Christian Homeschool Cooperative is a small gathering of families who came together with a desire to see homeschool class offerings in the North County, San Diego area. Our group is made up of teachers, homeschooling parents and their children who use their time and talents so that many homeschoolers may benefit.


Gather & Grow is a Christian homeschooling co-operative for children K-12th grade. We desire to bring glory to God by providing activities, fellowship, and learning opportunities to enhance a family’s homeschooling journey.


Gather & Grow meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:00a-12:00p with an optional communal lunch hour at Calvary Vista church in Vista, CA. Families can choose to participate in anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of class options throughout the morning. (You do NOT have to sign up for all 3 hours.)


Various other activities and outings are hosted throughout the year.

Our Mission

As shepherds of our children’s growth, we will root our children in God’s word and teach, support, and encourage our children in their journey of academic learning, character development, and community so that they will have strong wings to glorify God in their youth and throughout their lives.

Our Vision

To build a home school community of like minded families who are intent on educating and raising up their children in the Truth of God's Word.

Meet The Leadership Team

Our Teachers

Coach Ryan_edited.jpg

Ryan Beard

Coach Ryan grew up in the south of England where he played lots of sports as a child including soccer (football), rugby, tennis, golf, squash and cricket. Coach Ryan is a huge sports fan and really enjoys coaching the little ones how to enjoy the sports and games for what they are. Coach Ryan believes in an education through fun strategy to coaching and progressively takes the kids through the curriculum building their confidence and skills through the weeks.



Henry Doktorski

Henry Doktorski is a Chess4Kidz instructor, tournament director, and trophy-winning chess player. He began playing the game at the age of three, he was president of his high school chess club, and today he is a member of the the United States Chess Federation, the Temecula (California) Chess Club, and a former member of the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Chess Club. Mr. Doktorski plays in about a dozen tournaments a year. In 1997, he won first place in his division at Pittsburgh’s largest annual tournament, the Pittsburgh Open. In 2012 he tied for first place in his division at the same tournament. He tied for first/second place in the 44th Fred Thompson Memorial Tournament at the Pittsburgh Chess Club (June 21, 2014). He achieved the ranking of a Class A Player (his highest recorded rating was 1951 points) in August 2014. Currently he is ranked in the 92nd percentile among 61,668 USCF-rated players in the U. S. He taught Chess4Kidz classes in Allegheny and Butler Counties (Pennsylvania) from January 2007 until December 2015, and since February 2016 has been teaching classes in Riverside and San Diego Counties, California. In Pennsylvania, Mr. Doktorski has taught at Bethel Park Community Center (2006-2013), Robin Hill Park in Moon Township, and the North Fayette Township Department of Parks and Recreation (2008-2010) where his team won the First Place Trophy at the Pennsylvania State Game/29 Scholastic Tournament at the University of Pittsburgh (March 2010). He has taught at the Cranberry Township Community Center, Bradford Woods Elementary School, Fanny Edel Falk Laboratory School, and Saint Kilion Parish School. In March 2010, Mr. Doktorski’s North Fayette Township Chess4Kidz team won first place in the Pennsylvania State Game/29 Scholastic Tournament held at the University of Pittsburgh Student Union. In June 2015, Mr. Doktorski’s student Shane Patrick Mills won first place in a field of 22 other players in the Beginner Section at the 22nd Western Pennsylvania Scholastic Championship Chess Tournament. Since moving to California in January 2016, Mr. Doktorski has taught Chess4Kidz at: America China International Exchange After School Program in Temecula EEE Learning Center at Grace Presbyterian Church in Temecula Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School in Temecula Harvest Hill STEAM Academy in Winchester HomeSchool Campus Charter School at Murrieta Church of Christ HomeSchool Charter School at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Fallbrook Independent Learning Academy at Faith Community Church in Carlsbad Linfield Christian School in Temecula Rainbow HomeSchool in Canyon Lakes The LAB includEDucation Homeschool in Lake Elsinore Thrive Learning Center at Seacoast Community Church in Encinitas Van Avery Prep in Temecula Vintage Hills Elementary in Temecula Henry has also served as Coordinator of Educational Programs for the Temecula Chess Club. He also works as a musician (mostly church organist) and author. For more, see



Joseph Henschel

Joe Henschel has his BA in Mass Media and Film Production and was the VP of Marketing for a software startup for many years. Joe has been a part of starting up multiple businesses and currently runs a cold brew manufacturing company that provides cold brew on tap to offices, restaurants, and cafes. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and also for coming alongside businesses and helping them grow. Joe is also a worship leader and is married to his wife Stacy. They have 2 girls and another child on the way.


Bio Photo.jpg

Rosalyn Hulin

Rosalyn Hulin has been taking dance classes since the age of six and was classically trained in ballet at New West Academy. She is proficient in many dance genres including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. She loves to worship the Lord through dancing and music. She is currently studying to be a teacher through Liberty University online. She works as a teacher's aide for a child with disabilities and at Calvary Vista providing childcare. Additionally, she volunteers as a worship leader at Calvary Vista. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she's not busy with these endeavors.



Lisa Kopitzke


Sarah Lowery

Hello! I've been a piano teacher for about 15 years now and received my BM in Piano Pedagogy in 2016. I've also had the opportunity to lead several small homeschooling group children's choirs over the years and love helping kids to grow in their skill and their own love for music! Email:


Robert Malone

I grew up in Escondido where my family attended Emmanuel Faith Community 
Church for many years. There, I first understood the Gospel and got 
saved by the shed blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

As a child I became very interested in physics, mathematics and 
computers. I spent much of my childhood writing computer programs and 
solving math and science problems. When I was 16, I got to attend 
Caltech where I met the legendary Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard 
Feynman when gave some guest lectures on quantum mechanics to our class. 
That experience was very inspiring, and I subsequently spent over 10 
years in universities studying and teaching physics and mathematics. I 
always hope to inspire my own students the way that Professor Feynman 
inspired me.

One of my most favorite experiences is the “Aha!” or “Eureka!” feeling – 
the flash of insight when a difficult concept that was previously murky 
and confusing suddenly becomes clear and obvious. I love it when I can 
help my students experience that flash of insight feeling too!

Subjects I have taught, mostly at the university level: Computer 
Programming, Philosophical Logic, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, 
Mechanics, and Electromagnetism.



Silvia Marin

My name is Silvia. I was born in central Mexico in the state of Aguascalientes which translates to hot water. My father immigrated to this country in the 70's as a agricultural worker (avocados mainly). He tells me stories of how he rolled flour tortillas daily. My uncle lived with him and often didn't want to help out. My dad would tell him, "You don't work, you don't eat."


Our father brought us to the states in the late 70's. He would tell my sisters and I, "Go help your mom cook dinner. We'd say, "She doesn't need help. His response was, "You stand there and watch and learn."

A home cooked meal always brought us together and that filled my mom's heart to watch us eat.

I inherited my mom's love for the kitchen and enjoy cooking for my family, my friends and occasionally at retreats and youth dinners. 


I am a stay at home mom and wife. Homemaker by choice. With the economy today, I make as much as I can from scratch and enjoy stocking up my freezers when I see  a good sale.

We have chickens and haven't had to buy eggs for about 5 years now except a few weeks in the winter season. 

I like to cook all types of foods not just Mexican. I read menus when I go out to eat and make mental notes of things I can prepare at home.


My hobbies include cooking, baking, crafting, making kombucha, nature hikes, going to the beach. I love to watch YouTube videos on gardening, cooking, homesteading while I cook or wash dishes.


I pray to God to give me many more years on this earth to watch my son grow. When I asked him the other day what he would miss the most when I'm no longer here he said, "Refried beans and tortillas!



Kristin McCrary/AB Fine Art

At AB Fine Art Studio, we believe that art is the gateway to a broader education, a stronger community and culture, and the cornerstone to a well-rounded individual. Our desire is to provide a safe environment that inspires individuals to embrace their creativity. We teach students, young and old, proper techniques while encouraging individuality, emphasizing the process rather than the product. Mother/ daughter team, Susan and Kristin, established AB Fine Art Studio in 2005. God has led and guided our business through the years and we are so blessed to share our passion and creativity in our community.


Linkedin photo.jpeg

Sean McCrary

Sean McCrary is the Director of Business Operational Intelligence for the Life Science Solutions Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he expertly leads multiple teams including Data Partners, Data Analysts, Data Engineering, and Data Connections. He is passionate about leveraging data to drive business value, and his expertise is centered around enhancing operational efficiencies through analytics. Sean holds a BA in Biology from the University of San Diego and worked on his MS in Biological Sciences at Cal State San Marcos. Additionally, he is certified in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and holds an APICS CPIM certification, reflecting his deep commitment to operational excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sean has a profound appreciation for the natural world, often reflecting on the intersection of creation and divine design. He finds deep fulfillment in understanding how the complexities and beauties of nature can be seen as manifestations of God’s handiwork, blending his scientific background with his Christian beliefs to inspire a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.



Jess Welemirov

I am Ms. Jes, a homeschooling mom of nine years. I have two children, ages 13 and 2 years! my interest in education began when I was in middle school with a child development and family life course through Palomar College. Since that time I have worked at day cares, provided nanny care to a variety of clients, have privately tutored elementary and middle school grades in all subjects, worked in children's ministry and taught women's Bible study. I am currently teaching a first and second grade combo class, homeschooling my 13 year old, teaching art and hopefully enjoying fun science exploration with your little learners!


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