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Prospective Teachers

Teachers are a vital part of helping Gather & Grow succeed.  We thank you for your time and consideration.  If you are interested in being a teacher, we ask that you please fill out the registration form below.

 Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Citrus Fruits

Teacher Registration
Fall 2024

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Gather & Grow! We are blessed to have you join us!

Before registering to teach for the Fall 2024 semester, please review our teacher handbook.

Teacher Handbook

To get a better understanding of our co-op, please review our member handbook here.

If your class runs during the Fall 2024 Semester, your volunteer requirements for the semester is fulfilled! 😁

Please submit classes by April 24, 2024.
You will receive a summary email upon completion of this form.

Stationary photo

Please fill out one form per class, but you need only submit bio and headshot once. 

Class Registration Form

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Thank you for registering to teach at

Gather & Grow for Fall 2024!

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